Containers vs Zip Loc Bags

A lot of parents wonder if it is worth purchasing a container. For me, I love my containers and they have gotten their use. I have broken down the cost for 1 school year using the Target Up & UP Brand and my math is based on 1 child. Now, this isn’t to say you won’t need zip-loc bags for something, this is to show for ONE CHILD over the course of a school year.

Benefits of using a container:

*Allows flexibility on what you pack

* Cost wise it is cheaper in the long run

* Reduces waste



Target’s Up & Up Brand costs $3.24 for 150 sandwich sized zip bags. (Ziploc brand at Target is $3.29 for 120 bags)

If you pack 5 bags per a lunch you get 30 lunches from a box per a child.

School can be in session for about 10 months so you are spending $32.40 per a child for sandwich bags in one school year. (this is also if you don’t use them for anything else)


Lunch Containers as a cost effective alternative

Easy Lunchboxes  $13.95 for 4 (Free shipping if you are a prime member)

LP – Laptop Lunches These are my Favorite due to there versatility. Pricing varies will start at about $19.99. Their icepacks are worth trying too they keep their cool all day long.

Lunch Bots Stainless steel however not leak proof between sections

Yumbox I have not used this brand but I hear it is leak proof. I do have this on my list to check out.

Planetbox These are stainless steel but not leak proof. The price scares some, but the containers have a 5 year guarantee. I would highly recommend not using their bags for kids. Ours broke and as far as sanitary wise, it was gross after 2 months of use.

LP- Leak Proof

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