Lunch packing 101

Welcome! If you are a parent who has decided to start packing your child’s lunch, it can overwhelm you at some point. Where to begin to food safety in packing a lunch. That is why I offer this section on my blog. I want parents to have fun tips and tricks to make the transition as easy as possible.

MAKE A CALL – First thing is first, you will need to contact your child’s school. As odd as this sounds, the reason being is allergies of fellow students. You might already be aware for your child’s class if someone has an allergy. However, in a general populated area like the cafeteria there might be more kids with various degrees of allergies. Don’t get discourage if there is a NO PEANUT policy, that can be worked around. However, get as specific as possible on what is allowed and what isn’t.

MAKE LISTS – After you have made that call and you have your information, it is time to make lists. It helps to have a list hung up in the pantry of your child’s favorite foods. Main Meals/proteins, Dairy, Snacks, Fruits, and Vegetables. This will be your base to get you going until you feel you have the hang of it down. We will discuss adding new food options later.

MEAL PLAN – Plan on what you want to pack for the week, two weeks, or even the month. Try to stick with the meal plan as much as possible. If you want, have your child help you plan their meals, they will love it. My son is a growing kid, so he will eat the kitchen sink if I packed it.

LABEL – Put your child’s name on all of your items with waterproof labels. Avery makes some waterproof labels or there are a ton of places online that offer fun and cute labels. Put them on the lunchbox, lunch containers, drink bottle, thermos, etc… you will be thankful in the long run. Kids can lose anything!

ADDING NEW FOODS – This is an area where some parents get frustrated… they pack something fun and new in the lunch box and it comes home uneaten. My best advice… Experiment with new foods on the weekends and over seasonal breaks. It is great you want to broaden your lunch menu and it can be done. It is great to do for in season produce (saves money). However, don’t pack something new in your child’s lunch… they come home starving and you are defeated. Make lists of stuff you want to try with your child and do 1 on a weekend or a few over a week-long break.




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