It’s that time of the year again. Wake up super early as the days get shorter and hopefully soon in my neck of the woods COLDER. If you haven’t started school yet enjoy the last few days of late mornings.

Things around here are running the same 🙂 Lunches as normal and getting creative on a budget. Follow me on Instagram lunchesbymeg for some fun ideas.

Summer Break

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know there were some changes for my family in the past 9 months. I want to continue this journey as much as I can. I have loved making lunches for my son and we had a blast shopping this weekend for some new staples to add to the “lunch shelf” in our little apartment pantry. I will be adjusting this year and as I head back to work I will be making my own lunches as well.

Slowly I will blog about the changes we are making and hopefully sharing menu plans for kids and as well as parents. I hope you can all bear with this new experience and change. We are so excited and I hope you will be too… it’s exciting to embrace the changes in life rather than fear them. Stay Tuned!

Fall Break…

We are on the last week of a 3 week break for my son’s school. I can’t believe it’s almost over and what our family has gone through.  I am going to take a moment and talk to the parents and not about lunches, I want to talk about you and your health.

The first week of our break, I had a pretty major health scare. I found a lump and it wasn’t normal in feeling or looking on the images, so they started the process to check for Breast Cancer. I am young, 31, married and I have two kids… you immediately think “All of you are over reacting”. For two weeks, my wonderful husband who was so strong and myself walked on egg shells around our kids. If I cried, I went to my my closet and just let it go. I tried so hard not to crack, but eventually, you need to talk to someone and you need help. My husband pointed out, I couldn’t hide what we were going through, I couldn’t take the kids to the tests. I had to reach out an tell my friends and I did. I felt like I was burdening them with this problem, that wasn’t really a problem. I thought, I can do this on my own. Well, I couldn’t, when they take a sample to biopsy even if it’s a needle, it hurts. It hurts so bad after and they say in 24 hours you feel okay. For me, it took almost a week to feel comfortable around the site.

I got my results this morning and I have something, it isn’t cancer, but it raises my chances to get cancer over 50%. I am so grateful to have this news of a clean bill of health. It is a blessing for my family and words can not even begin to express how we feel.

I have always been a control person, which is why I didn’t want to tell anyone. I also didn’t call the Doctor the first weekday to schedule the initial appointment and got in trouble with my better half.  If I had just ignored this problem, it would have cost us so much as a family a few months down the road. Not facing health problems and or not taking care of your basic health is not worth the cost.  Whatever is happening, you will get through it. Take it from this controlling and “Type A” personality mom, you will not be able to control it. However, you will have family and friends there to support you.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I am not going to ask for you to donate to a foundation unless you want to. What I will ask that you do, is to be aware. Cancer does not discriminate against anyone or any age.

If this post seems poorly written, I am sorry. I am sitting here crying over my emotions and I just felt I had to write this.

Long time no post.

Hi Everyone. I know it’s been so long since I last wrote anything. I decided to dust off my computer and take a break since my son is on a long break from school. I am sure some fellow parents can understand a picture of a lunch is worth more than 500 words. The weather is getting cooler here in Southern Arizona and I love it. With the cooler temps setting in, we are coming out of our homes to go to the park, taking walks, and having picnics. What for other parts of the US feels in May we are feeling now, the excitement to go outside. Going to the park is a lot different at 90 degrees in October as opposed to 115 degrees in early August. I don’t mind going outside to eat breakfast, it’s even slightly chilly out. The weather cooling off means more options for me to pack for my son’s lunch. When it’s hot outside, no one wants to eat soup and then go run around in the 100+ temps for 20-30 minutes. So my menu planning is getting some variety to it, finally. As I said, we have a long break from school that was scheduled. We have 1 week left and it’s back to the daily grind. I have been off social media a little due to a small health hiccup. I am on the mend and will be posting some fun picnic lunches. I also have a review of a new product Leaf and Love Lemonade. I am really excited, it’s a BRAND NEW company. I am really excited for this because it’s juice that uses Stevia so it is friendly for kids and adults who have Type 1 Diabetes. I am also in love with the packaging on the box. I don’t know why, but when I think of Lemonade for kids, this box is just to perfect. If you want to read more about their product go to http://www.leafandlove.com I hope everyone is doing great at school, I am sure Fall Breaks and the end to the 1st quarter is coming around for some!