Toddler Lunches – Make it fun using simple methods

I am sure if you follow me on Instagram you see a huge amount of lunches for my son who is almost 10. I often pack meals for my daughter on the go and forget to post them.  I am sure some of my readers have toddlers and are often lost what to pack for them outside of their favs. I feel kind of lucky, my daughter pretty much eat anything, its rare to fight her on things. Literally, she could eat an entire box of Annie’s Homegrown Mac and Cheese by herself. Her love of the Macaroni and Cheese is something that can not be measured. This love doesn’t sway mom to pack make it and allow her to eat it in the car or 24/7 for that matter.

I have touched in the past on my love for Laptop Lunches and their Extra-Large Lidded containers to pack my daughter’s lunch in. You can pack A LOT into them to take on the go. Plus it stacks nicely on my Bento Box with an icepack in between. I again love the container, because you truly can fit a WHOLE MEAL into these containers. Below are some of the meals I have packed her recently (sorry about the lack of posting them in Instagram, I get in the rush and forget sometimes)

Snowflake Grilled cheese, broccoli, candy cane apple slices, and dye free candies

Snowflake Grilled cheese, broccoli, candy cane apple slices, and dye free candies. 

I do like to make her lunches a little fun, this was a holiday themed lunch I did. I cooked a grilled cheese and allowed it to cool slightly and used a snowflake cookie cutter to make it fun. The apples are a candy cane theme and I just made small slices into the skin to create the stripes. If you pack apples, soak them in some juice to prevent browning. I like to use a juice that is low in sugar content. Honest or Apple and Eve are my favorite brands.

Turkey Pot Pie (Thanksgiving leftovers), sweet potato pudding, pomegranate seeds, a juice box, and a spoon.

Turkey Pot Pie (Thanksgiving leftovers), sweet potato pudding, pomegranate seeds, a juice box, and a spoon.

Children are all about the leftovers too. I use leftovers from any bird I cook to make handheld pies for the kids. These pies had peas, gravy, carrots, and turkey in them. I will be posting a how to on this soon to keep them in your freezer to have on hand. The Sweet Potato Pudding is a recipe from Weelicious and you can find it here


Mini Waffles, syrup, apples slices, and white cheddar cheese

Toddlers will love having a packed lunch just like their older brother and sisters. You can use silicone muffin containers to create sections with out using a sectioned container. Again, I love versatility, and being able to pack what I want in a container is important. The silicone containers can also be lifted out and microwaved to warm up the food that is in the cup, which is an added benefit. Laptop Lunches does offer the silicone containers and they are available here.

With anything you pack your toddler, follow the rules you would for an older child. Pack what they love! No experimenting! (See my tab Lunch Packing 101 for advice in introducing new foods). The best part is, starting early will help them develop the healthy eating habits you want them to learn and keep.

Croissant, juice box, apple slices, and cheese

Croissant, juice box, apple slices, and cheese

To be fun and creative it doesn’t take much and for kids especially the younger ones. A few cookie cutters and fun colored containers can offer a fun meal away from home. I am sure you have some in a drawer you use once a year to make cookies… get them out and pack a fun lunch to take to play group tomorrow! Your toddler will be delighted and the mom’s will soon follow suit with your little trick.