Quick Winter Chili Recipe

I can remember for years my dad making chili on cold winter nights. I never realized how as an adult it would become my favorite meal to make. It’s about as easy as breathing and takes 1/2 hour from start to finish. I love filling recipes like this that are fast. I added some variations and quick tips below the chili recipe as well.


1lb of lean ground beef (Or ground turkey we have used both

1 Red Onion chopped to size you like your onions (You can add 1/2 if you don’t like onions)

1 clove of Garlic (fresh is better, but if you are using jarred home or the store kind use the equivalent of 2)

1 Green Pepper

1 can of Dark Red Kidney Beans (or equivalent of dried beans that have been soaked)

1 can of Chili Beans (I get the mildest one I can find)

1 28 oz can of Diced Tomatoes

1 Tablespoon of olive oil

Cumin (season to taste)

Chili Powder (season to taste)


Get a Large Pot!

Add the Olive oil, garlic, and onion sauté for a few minutes (do not let it burn)

Add the Green pepper and let it sauté for a minute or two.

Add your meat of choice and season with the Cumin and Chili (Remember this is for your taste I season mine a lot)

Brown the meat until there is no pink left

Add the Kidney Beans, Chili Beans, and Tomatoes and stir

Let it simmer on the stove for about 20 minutes season if you feel it needs more.

Serve with Crackers, cornbread, rolls whatever you would like.


Adding a can of corn drained is always good and makes the chili a little thicker.

Add a Yellow Pepper or Red Pepper

If you want to just brown the Meat and Garlic first then add the Red Onion and the Green Pepper when you add the meat gives a crisper vegetable


When Green Peppers are on sale, chop them up and freeze them in an air tight container or freezer bag. Great for chili, stir fry, etc

If you are having company, just double the recipe

Freezes well in air tight containers for 2 months

I hope you enjoy this quick recipe ~ Meg