Apple Pie Toast and my son’s blogging experience

I posted yesterday about Leaf & Love Lemonade and with that post, my son and I had a lot of fun in the kitchen and came up this this awesome recipe. In the past, I have talked about how hard it has been with getting my son to open up to new foods. I know this recipe isn’t quite original. However, my 9 year old had so much fun trying different variations that took up the better part of an afternoon and took over dinner table talk. Getting kids in the kitchen is such an important part of getting them excited about food, especially healthy foods. So I hinted what I was up to yesterday, after his experiments I had to make another batch of one of the main ingredients.



The recipe I used these for is from the ever talented Kristin Rosenau’s site Pastry Affair and her recipe for Mascarpone Cheese. I love mascarpone cheese, but it’s so expensive to buy it and if it’s organic… “Eeeek” on that price tag. I found this recipe about 6 months ago, I don’t make it often, but I am really trying to change that. Click on over to Kirstin’s blog for the recipe

The recipe is quick to prep, but you have to spend some time at the stove stirring the cream in the pot to avoid it from scorching on the bottom of the pan. I was okay because I got to watch “The Gilmore Girls”. I have never seen this show and before you come to my door with your pitchforks, I am only in the first season and I love it.



See, Lorelai Gilmore keeping me company as I stir.

I don’t know what came over me to make mascarpone, just felt like a fun weekend thing to do. It’s actually super easy, but just takes some patience (and it’s so inexpensive to make it yourself). When I started writing my last post, I toasted some french bread to have some of the cheese. My son immediately was like “FOOD! Someone is making a snack”. Strolling into the kitchen he comes, asking what I was having. To my sudden surprise, he asked for some. In the past, he has hated mascarpone and I had to make it to where he would like it. Just toast and mascarpone would not work for this kid’s taste. He would find the cheese not so good and swear it off forever. I was determined to share my love for this wonderful and simple snack.



If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this picture, but in Black and White. Looks delicious huh?

So I made him the same snack I was having, I just sprinkled some cinnamon on the mascarpone cheese, added some apples on top of that from my Leaf & Love Organic Lemonade post. (check out that post, this lemonade is awesome and these apple slices were cut the night before). I drizzled some honey over the apples and let him have a taste. He took a large bite and just then another. It was AGONIZING that 1 minute he made me wait for his response. He loved it! I was so happy that he tried it and loved it. There is a rule in the house “Once to try and twice to decide”. When trying new foods with kids, that rule is a must. My son asked where I got the recipe for that from, I told him I just put it together. He named it “Apple Pie Toast” Recipe(s) will be below.



I ate my snack outside during the small break in the rain. I love when the first cool days of fall happen, it’s great to have fresh air when blog planning

Intrigued by my just whipping this up, he asked what else I could make with it. I immediately challenged him to think of something. My son and I together came up with about 6 variations. One didn’t do so well, so we won’t write about that awful experience. However, Below I have listed all the variations we loved.

My 3 year old toddler loved them as well. Her favorite was the “Strawberry Pie Toast” pictured below. My son tried all these variations listed below as did I and they are all super good. My son had so much fun and is ready to help with another post.



Apple Pie Toast

*French Bread Toasted (or any other type of bread, bagels, oatmeal toast, english muffin bread, whatever you have on hand)

*Mascarpone Cheese

*Sprinkle of Cinnamon

*Apple slices cut into small cubes (If packing for lunch soak in juice to prevent browning.  We used Leaf & Lemonade on these slices)

*Drizzle of honey

Best Served Warm

Variations of “Pie Toast” (Cinnamon is not included in these unless noted)

*”Strawberry Pie Toast”Strawberries with Honey or Maple Syrup

*”Peach Pie Toast” Peaches with Honey (cinnamon optional)

*”Nectarine Pie Toast” Nectarines with Honey

*”Apple Pie Toast #2″ Apples with Maple Syrup

*”Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pie Toast” Strawberries with shaved chocolate

*”Caramel Apple Pie Toast” Apples with cinnamon and a small drizzle of caramel