My Review of Laptop Lunches

This experience with Laptop Lunches is not my first and it will not be my last.  We had a bento box last year that was unfortunately misplaced at school. It took a whole year for me to get around to ordering again, but I am so glad I finally placed an order. I ordered 2 bento boxes, and ice pack, an extra large lidded container, and 2 water bottles. I decided to get one for myself (even mom’s need lunches on the go). The extra large lidded container serves 2 purposes for me. I use it in my system when I pack a salad and also for my toddler’s lunch container. It works so fabulous for my toddler’s meals and I was beyond excited how easy it was to pack everything to go to the park.


I was seriously a very happy camper when this order showed up

I want to give Laptop Lunches major props for their packaging. This all arrived in a box SMALLER than what Amazon gave me to deliver my new Filofax. The stuffing wasn’t plastic, it was old news paper that they saved. Seriously, that screams “WE ARE GREEN AND WE MEAN IT” to me.  I of course saved the box for moving and recycled the newspaper. It just made me so happy that they are really conscious of using as little waste as possible. When you sell containers to carry lunch in to cut down on waste and you reflect that in your packaging, that speaks volumes to me that you walk the walk and talk the talk.

The Extra Large Lidded container is just such a wonderful addition to what I needed. I have a whole foods cooler and I can stack everything one on top of another and not worry about playing a game of “Tetris” when I pack all our lunches and drinks. It is perfect for a toddler sized lunch and you can fit a lot in it. I use the mini silicone muffin containers to separate her foods. I have also squeezed a juice box in at one point with everything. It seriously is the PERFECT little container for toddlers. They have a wide selection of colors, mine is in Magenta which is the same color as my containers.

Anna's Lunch Anna's Lunch 2

Extremely perfect for toddlers

I also had another idea for a breakfast container for my son. I only have one in pink so when I place my next order I will keep a blue one one in mind.(Yes, I have another order for icepacks, but that is later)

When I went to start looking at what I wanted to get, I realized I needed a Bento Box.  I am constantly at school as I am the Vice-President PTO and when we plan some events I am at school all day for a week. So I decided, to get one for myself. I was familiar with them and I knew they would be wonderful. I am in love with it and I won’t use anything else for myself unless forced.  It works great and I can fit mine and my daughters extra large lidded container with 2 juice boxes into my 31 Gifts cooler. It’s a tight squeeze, but it works.

My Lunch

Turkey Croissant, Kettle Cooked chips, rainbow carrots and snap peas, and strawberries

My son is even more excited to have Laptop Lunches back in our home. He loves the containers and they are colorful and you can seal some stuff that might leak with the lidded containers. I didn’t realize how much he loved them until I went to place and order, it took him a LONG TIME to figure out which one we wanted. I waited until he chose one twice in a row to place the order, the best part, I can order extra parts and add a little more color if he wanted. So it works out for us. My son is pretty easy peasy, but he likes the light weight of the containers, it isn’t heavy to carry around. Like I said, he is easy going, but he loves the colorful choices of containers and how you can order more and swap out. Kid’s love that and if you can get them excited about healthy lunches that is always a plus!

Jake's Lunch # 3 Jake's lunch 1 Jake's lunch 4

What I am about to now tell you about is an ice pack. Laptop Lunches ice packs are pretty much the Bee’s Knee’s with a bow of Awesomesauce wrapped around it. I only ordered one, but dang, I wish I had ordered 5. These will eventually replace my ENTIRE icepack collection, I can’t even begin to tell you how long they last. Mine lasted 8 hours this past time, it was still cold when I got home at the end of the day. They are a gel kind and fit neatly when stacking the containers on top of each other. They aren’t bulky and if one falls out at 6 AM when I am digging in my freezer, I am not afraid of breaking a toe or one of my kitchen tiles when it hits the floor. The ice pack also has a quiet landing so it doesn’t wake my daughter up.

My experience with Laptop Lunches was amazing. Tamara helped me out with whatever I needed via email. I had a few hiccups with paypal, but she came to the rescue. The company and their products are based entirely out of the USA… products are made here and that means a lot. Their shipping is a flat rate of $5.95 so no matter how small or how big, you know what you are paying. Their bento boxes start at $23.99 and you can order just the boxes with inner containers or a complete Bento Kit with a bag, box, and silverware for $32.99. They have some stores in the US and Canada that carry their products and you can find that list here.

Laptop Lunches also has photos of lunch ideas, some recipes and wide variety of information if you are thinking of making the jump to packing lunches full-time. You can head on over to Laptop Lunches website and find out about this amazing company. About a minute or so into your browsing session, you will have a pop up in the lower right corner. No Worries, it’s a chat session just asking if you need some help. Like a greeter to their site.

I hope you check out this amazing company and all they have to offer. Their customer service is caring, products made in the USA, and so many packing options, and the price is just right. It pays itself off in a month if you are using baggies which cost $4.99 for 2 weeks. The container will pay itself off in 2 months or less depending on your usage of baggies. You are using less waste and this company firmly believes in reducing waste.

***Disclaimer***Laptop Lunches/Obentec has not compensated me for this review. I placed the order and chose the products I wanted and decided to write a review. All opinions are my own***

Leaf and Love Organic Lemonade

Disclaimer: Leaf and Love Organic Lemonade contacted me about doing a product review. I was send a package of their product. This was my only compensation, all views are my own and mine alone.

When I first got my package from Leaf and Love, I was super nervous. I am totally not going to lie, I am always nervous in reviewing products. The class I taught about fun Lunch Tips & Tricks at my church a few weeks ago had me so scared. However, My very wise and understanding soon to be 10-year-old son learned something.   This product started a dinner conversation that lasted almost a week and I was really happy this product made its way to our home for us to learn and try.

I have always been concerned about what I pack for my son’s meals. If you follow me on Instagram  you see I pack Breakfast and Lunch for my son. The weekends, I pack snacks and drinks for the kids. Some Saturdays, we are literally sprinting out the door. I have snacks in individual packs that I can just grab from our pantry,  some water and other drinks. We live 30 minutes from the closest store, so when we travel in for errands… we are there for most of they day Saturday. I just grab stuff and put it in the cooler bag and go, without a second thought, but I want healthy for all of us. I found out about Leaf and Love and was just super excited, an Organic Lemonade that was made with stevia. Our whole family just fell in love with this lemonade, it wasn’t over powering on sweet and tasted like you made homemade lemonade. We have had it with lunch, a snack in the afternoon, and also for me I had it with breakfast. It is a lemonade that tastes good with anything and won’t have you crash an hour after you drink it. My husband especially, he is not a sugar person at all. He waters juice down a lot 1/3 juice and 2/3 water, he just doesn’t like how it tastes or makes him feel.

My brain obviously started kicking into gear and I got my son (who has always talked of opening a restaurant) and we got to work. 20 minutes later, we had fruit cups. We packed them in our teeny tiny rubbermaid containers that come in a set and you never know what to do with them. I know glass is better, but when you have a pretty destructive 3-year-old in the house, glass isn’t the best. I keep a shelf in my fridge (the top shelf where all humans in the home 4 feet and above only can reach) that is filled with snacks on the go. Water bottles, yogurt, cheese sticks, small containers with a variety of fruits and vegetables. This just seemed like the best thing to add to the shelf.



My son and I washed and cut up strawberries, a honey crisp apple, and some grapes. It didn’t take much fruit to create 4 fruit cups. We packed them in the lemonade.  My kids always want fruit cups, they only keep for a few days so I make them a few times a week. However, they are organic and have no High Fructose Corn Syrup  (HFCS).  My wonderful husband soon found out we packed them with the Leaf and Love lemonade and snuck 2 off to work. He loved them and they weren’t sugary and tasted so good with a granola bar after a 10 mile bike ride in the AZ heat.

I often pack apple and pear slices for my son’s lunch. The number one question I get is how to prevent the slices from turning brown.  I dipped them in juice. I tried to choose the lowest sugary juice I could and now I have a new friend to dip my already sweet fruit in. I tested it and there was no browning to the apples or pears. We packed snacks to take to a play date and 2 hours after I packed our snacks, they looked like I had just cut them.



My son this past afternoon working hard on his science project research. He helped me work on fun recipes and had a blast. However, it was time to hit the books and he wants to get an A on his project so bad.

My son offered this awesome thought about Leaf and Love and it just warmed this momma’s heart so much. As he was helping me with the recipes we created, I mentioned that Leaf and Love was also friendly for kid’s with Type 1-Diabetes. He obviously, didn’t know what that was so I had to explain it in a way he would understand. The thought came to me, how this product is so awesome for kids with Type 1-D. I have some friends who have children with the T1-D, but I don’t know what diets the follow. What I do know, sugar intake has to be closely monitored and that is so true with kid’s who are growing and changing every day. A serving of sugary juice could affect a child in a small way and in a month a completely different reaction could occur. A child is always growing and changing and in that their body chemistry does as well.

Back to my conversation with my son, he pointed out when I started packing his lunch, he felt a little left out. We were really chaining what we ate in our home. No more artificial dyes and preservatives for us. He missed having the fun Sponge Bob yogurt and M&M’s to take to the movies. However, in 2 months time, he said he felt good. His choices were getting better and he didn’t miss the “fun foods”. He had a lot of options now, dye free candies and organic yogurt tubes. It took some research and finding the products that a kid would love. He no longer felt left out and pointed out how this juice box would help a T1-D child not feel left out. My son explained that when he would open his lunch box to find the “fun surprise” he would get excited. He said this juice box would be the fun surprise that a kid who missed having a juice box in his lunch. I just about cried at his sentiment, I never thought how a diagnosis would make a child feel about losing something like a juice box at lunch or a birthday party.

Again, I don’t know a lot about a day-to-day diet of a child with T1-D. However, I know the Co-Founders Amy and Sarah founded Leaf & Love with the desire to have a juice that was sugar-free, organic, and friendly to Type 1-Diabetes. Sarah’s daughter has it and the diagnosis led her down a road to meet Amy who wanted an organic and sugar-free juice for kids… since all kids are sweet enough.



My daughter having Leaf & Love Lemonade, a Vegan Raisin Bran muffin, and organic carrots. Perfect afternoon snack

Leaf and Love is available on Amazon to order with free shipping through their Prime Membership. Feel free to visit Leaf and Love’s website to learn more about this amazing company. You can also find Leaf and Love on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Below I have listed the recipes for the fruit cups and instructions to prevent apple and pear slices from browning. *These recipes and ideas I have seen on the internet. I have adapted them to use Leaf & Love Organic Lemonade. I tested both recipes and had wonderful results. 

Fruit Cups:

Fruits your child would like cut in to small cubes. I recommend, apples, grapes, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew melon. Fill in a small leak proof container, add Leaf and Love Organic Lemonade enough to cover all the fruit and seal. It will keep in the refrigerator for a few days. If you want to pack them in a lunch, use “Glad Press and Seal” to seal off the cup or the section of your bento container.

Apple and Pear Slices:

Slice fruit up and soak in Leaf and Love Organic Lemonade for 3-5 minutes. Take them from the juice and let the excess juice drip off. Put in your child’s lunch container or snack bag. These will need to be kept cool. Pack the lunch or snack with an icepack will be required.

Stay tuned for the other fun creation my son and I came up with. I posted a small hint on Instagram. If you don’t follow me there, you can find me under @Lunchesby1HappyMommaof2. Here is a sneak peek below for Monday there also might be a giveaway coming soon too.