The Wedding Ring… lost and found.

As you read in my bio, 4 days into our marriage my new husband lost his wedding ring… in the Pacific Ocean. Yes, I will let that sink in. To be more specific it was at Huntington Beach right infront of Lifeguard Tower #4 during the high tide. It was cold that October afternoon and we already had to get a flat tire fixed from our Disney Vacation Rental on our way to the beach. The moment I heard “Please tell me my ring is in my shoe” I knew it was gone. My tiny newlywed heart sank, my marriage isn’t defined by a ring of gold for sure but, it was the ring I gave him when I said those wonderful vows just 4 days before.

Tired from our side detour and trying to keep 7 kids occupied, I got up and started looking around hoping to see a glimmer of white gold.  I knew it was most likely in the ocean, but held onto a little glimmer of hope it was in the sand, around our shoes, or in the cars. NOTHING, the ring was NO WHERE to be found. At this point, I had given up and swallowed the fact we would have to replace it. My new husband, full of hope, started talking to an older gentleman who was using a metal detector out on the beach. He agreed to come back the next two weeks during the low tide and look for his ring. I was still thinking “NO WAY”. While my husband was trying to work on getting his ring back, I went up to a tourist shop and bought my husband a mood ring to wear as a wedding ring. He gladly wore that mood ring too.

Three days later our family moon was over. All 9 of us were home and adjusting to real life and getting my things moved in. My husband texted me that Saturday morning while I was at the grocery store. He told me to watch this youtube video at about 9 minutes in. Agentleman named Romy found my husband’s ring. After contacting Romy to verify that the ring was ours. He gladly told us he would send the ring on to us. Romy did a follow up video about finding our ring, view that here.

I was so grateful that an honest gentleman had found our ring. He was so kind to send it back to us. Unfortunately, the US Postal service punched in the wrong zipcode. Romy wrote it correctly on the box, but they punched it one number off and the ring bounced around Salt Lake City, Utah for almost 2 weeks. It took us calling and Romy as well to finally get the package back on track. TO THINK, the Pacific Ocean took the ring and it was found, but the Postal Service would keeps us from getting the ring back due to their mistakes. (Not all postal service workers are bad, but if someone is telling you “HEY, you punched it in wrong” and you still send the package on it’s way… that’s so wrong)

Finally, one wonderful Saturday Afternoon almost a MONTH after we were married my husband had his ring back. A week or so later, my husband did an interview with Romy over skype. You can watch that here, I was sick beyond all belief, and really wanted to participate. I was in a cold coma for almost 2 days sleeping upstairs. I am so grateful for Romy finding our ring. It now is a fun memory that we have for the start of our marriage. I have also learned to kind of not be so negative in outcomes. Have some faith sometimes, even when something so small is lost in something so big!